Mar 26 2018

Thoughts of the Week…

My Little Girl, I have loved you from the beginning of time.  Even before your mother and father knew of you, I loved you.  I long for you to understandread more

Feb 26 2018

The Calling...

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Feb 19 2018

I Am the Creator…

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Mar 26 2018

Dorothy Day

November 8, 1897 - November 29, 1980, American Journalist, Social Activist and Catholic Convert As a woman it saddens me to see how "journalism" has become nonexistent, especially since womenread more

Jan 29 2018

Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross

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Jan 22 2018


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Mar 20 2018

Mary's Calling......and Joseph's Response

He was Her Dream Maker...... As I wake up this morning on March 19, the Feast Day of Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I can't help butread more

Mar 11 2018

It's "Time for a…

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Feb 12 2018

No Greater Love

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