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As a public speaker I have traveled this country for the past 15 years sharing my experience of abortion to everyone that crosses my path.


My walk of faith has led me to an absolute truth, which has given me the courage and strength to share my horrible experience of abortion and really accomplish the impossible. Through this journey I have realized my calling is to expose the lies of choice and through this calling it has become a healing journey for others to find self-forgiveness and eternal peace.

An Exercise in collaboration

My mission is to restore hurting women to their original purpose of contentment and wholeness, by helping them understand the source of their brokenness, and to provide them with resources to work through the pain by finding TRUE freedom through self-forgiveness.

Love From Above Inc.

Empowering women to be all they can be. Providing women with resources to work through their pain so that they will find TRUE freedom, through self-forgiveness.

The Butterfly Garden

Our non-for-profit organization that provides structured transitional two-year housing program for otherwise homeless pregnant teens and single mothers.


  Creating a platform for other Post-Abortive Speakers to share their stories on the aftermath of abortion. Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, insure justice for those who are perishing.


Learning to laugh and play again… A Time To Heal is a 12 week Bible Study Program for women, who have been devastated by their life choices.


Protectors of Women’s EQUAL Rights – Seeks to end the exploitation of women and the violation of the fundamental rights of women and their children.

Interested in having me speak at your event?