I Am the Creator…

I Am the Creator…

I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of all things great and small.  The season of time has come for Me to set things right. There is a spirit of confusion that plagues my people.


I am a God of Clarity, a God of truth, a God of righteousness. A God that loves with a perfect agape love.  I have heard the cries of woman and I have seen her broken heart. She has become an empty shell. Her beauty has been stripped away. Her joy has been replaced with sadness and despair. Her tabernacle to give life has been replaced with a lying spirit disguised as freedom.


I will no longer hold back my wrath. I will bring accountability to those responsible. I will humble them before all mankind. Woman, will no longer stand in the shadows of death.  I will raise her up and proclaim from the highest mountain top that she is My Daughter! I will clear the way for her to find her voice. She will speak with authority and all will hear her loud and clear. I have loved her always and always she has loved Me!

We will forever be one for this was the purpose for My Son!

The Creator of Woman!