Yvonne’s Story

I was sixteen years old when I made the agonizing decision to end the life of my unborn child…

I can still vividly remember the visit to the abortion clinic. I can recall people telling me that my situation was “temporary” and that in just a few hours it would all be over.


They couldn’t have been more wrong.


During the three hours at the Planned Parenthood clinic, I was never advised what the long-term consequences would be. The true result of that abortion was the complete destruction of my life for the next twenty years.

As a public speaker I have traveled this country for the past 15 years sharing my experience of abortion to everyone that crosses my path.

My walk of faith has led me to an absolute truth, which has given me the courage and strength to share my horrible experience of abortion and really accomplish the impossible. Through this journey I have realized my calling to expose the lies of choice, has become a healing journey for others to find self-forgiveness and eternal peace.

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