I had been looking forward to watching this movie because as a little girl I grew up always wanting to be Wonder Woman. Imagine for just one moment growing up in a world where there is no war, no hate, no jealousy, no competition, no sadness, no confusion, a place called Paradise Island where there is nothing but beautiful, intelligent, strong, amazing, fun-loving, gentle, fabulous, and confident women. Surely every man’s dream come true!

I was amazed at how this movie sets in motion a very clear picture of who and why woman was created. We were created to bring peace, love, harmony, happiness, joy, strength, reason, and ultimately life for all human kind. It begins with explaining why we were needed, and how we will ultimately restore humanity to a world lost with no direction or hope. I found it very telling of the times in which we live. The movie was full of so many references to the validation of woman and her roll in our society. As the story line begins to roll out I found myself full of so many emotions. At times I cried really hard and at others I laughed my butt off!

The more Wonder Woman realized her calling the stronger she became. It was as if there wasn’t anything that could hold her back, not even the Love of her Life! In the story he took her as far as he could, but was never able to cross over to where her calling began. He ultimately sacrifices his life for hers.

As a child I remember a story so similar to this story. A young girl named Mary. Who becomes pregnant with no husband until Joseph is revealed the plan of God for salvation. He was entrusted with God’s greatest gifts. He stood by her side and he NEVER missed a beat. He knew his calling was to protect and guide her because she had a bigger calling. As little girls we grow up wanting this type of Love, the one that surpasses all understanding. A love that gives and lays down its life for us.

Unfortunately, because of how evil has infiltrated our society, the greatest gift that woman has, to create life, seems to offend everyone these days. As women we have allowed this ridiculous woman’s movement to speak for us and in doing so we have lost the uniqueness of our gender! As a woman I feel my gender is constantly being attacked and replaced. When did that become part of our fight? I mean seriously, over the years women have been crapped on, spit on, kicked to the curb, treated with disrespect, under paid, sexualized, prostituted and devalued. What the HELL is going on?

As women we really need to understand that no one can give us that complete validation other than God Himself. In the end of Wonder Woman’s journey, she and only she could wage war against the evil that viewed human existence as less than. For me now, that woman is Mary! In my book she totally rocks because she was the Original Wonder Woman! Our WOMB sets us apart from man and that is worth celebrating!

We must join together and fight the fight against this evil of elitism and superiority. Our woman’s movement has left us exposed. This ugliness needs to be put in check. I have always believed there are two types of evil. Those that do evil and those who do nothing to stop evil. Ask yourself today what kind of woman are you?

If stopping evil is something you are interested in, then join us today to take back our uniqueness and become the Wonder Woman God created you to be!

Yvonne Florczak-Seeman