What Does it Mean to Have INTEGRITY?

What Does it Mean to Have INTEGRITY?

What Does it Mean to Have INTEGRITY?


Integrity is by far one of the most important Virtues in Life because it is the foundation of ALL virtues.  It is the understanding of living a life of wholeness and unity with oneself.  It is also the understanding that we are truthful when NO one is watching what we are doing or what we are saying.  It is the highest quality of honesty and displays always strong moral principles.


This Virtue comes from our “Inner Man” if you will.  It does not allow oneself to cater to thoughts and/or actions of arrogance and pride.  It is self-aware always, never allows for selfish Indulgences, stays away from the fabrication of lies, does not seek opportunities for advancement, and/or self-promotion at the cost of others.  Integrity does right by OTHERS always and NEVER seeks its own agenda.  It requires a life of obedience and discipline.  Integrity rises above all things and becomes an example of a life of controlled behavior.  It is always aware of its actions and motives, because without these checks and balances, life becomes mean spirited and you ultimately end up living a selfish lifestyle.


So here is the million-dollar question.  How many family members, friends, and/or co-workers do you know who are living the virtue of Integrity?  Or better yet, are you a person of Integrity?   The truth of the matter is that this million-dollar question applies to a very few in our world.  Everywhere we turn these days we see a lack of work ethic, a lack of pride in one’s work, an entitlement attitude, a superiority outlook on life, a disregard and disrespect for other human beings and a me, myself and I attitude.


Unfortunately, “Narcissism” has replaced the Virtue of Integrity.  I have asked myself so many times how did we become these people, if we were created in the Image of God?    I have come to realize this very painful truth.  As a people we have allowed this ugliness to come upon us by our lack of action and/or involvement in speaking truths.  We have allowed our society to silence our voices when we allowed this great nation to REMOVE the name of God from all our institutions, highways and byways.  To live a life of Integrity means to do what’s right always, even when we don’t get any credit for it.  We are all called to stand up and be counted, which means to go against political correctness and stand for something!


The truth of the matter is that lately as I watch the news about the NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem in what appears to be disrespectful and going against the politically correct thing to do.  I find myself almost applauding them for their stand.  Not because I agree with them but because of the courage it takes for them to kneel.  They are fighting for something and even if we don’t agree with them, at least they are being counted.  A part of me feels that what they are doing when kneeling is the very reason why our soldiers are giving their lives.  Our brave men and women are dying so that we have the freedom and right to disagree.  However, on this point, I am going to agree to disagree with their actions (when it comes to our flag) however, I respect that through their actions they are being heard.


Integrity is being able to be honest with oneself and have the courage to make a stand for what we believe, not sitting on the side lines criticizing others for it.  Ask yourself today, what you do stand for and why?  Have you compromised your faith, your beliefs or your integrity?  If so, today is a new day full of all kinds of possibilities.  Make today a day that counts by standing up for what you believe.


Yvonne Florczak-Seeman