For the past 15 years, I have traveled this country as a Public Speaker, sharing my experience of abortion to everyone that crosses my path.  I have found within the Pro-Life movement many who are self-serving, self-righteous and full of judgment and in the Pro-choice movement, many who are extreme advocates and who have lost their reason, many who don’t understand the definition of the word “choice”, according to webster’s dictionary, and many who are very angry.  I have asked myself many times, how can this single issue bring forth such division, if it’s so good for women?  If we are all fighting for and towards the empowerment of women, then politics and religion should NOT have any place within this debate.  The argument that “choice” can only be applied to freedom to abort should make every woman feel very uncomfortable, because the very freedom we are supposedly fighting for has been removed by the very fact that the issue has become (one sided) about “only” the choice to abort, clearly something has gone terribly wrong with the  “Freedom of Choice”.


As a post-abortive woman who has had multiple abortions, I do believe I am an expert on the issue.  I also believe I can shed some light on this issue since my personal experiences can speak truth into this very painful decision and so can the millions of women I have met across this nation that have also shared with me their tragic stories.   For 44 years now we have been watching, listening and observing the ridiculous.  Enough with the billion dollar industries and their agenda with the “marketing of abortion”.   It is TIME TO SPEAK THE TRUTH.  Just recently the Devebers Institute of Bio-Ethics and Research, published a book called, “Complications After Abortions”. The research brings forth over 500 studies worldwide exposing the aftermath of abortion.  The research also shows proven facts that abortion brings forth emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual aftermath and that abortion may increase a woman’s chances of possibly getting breast cancer, by almost 150%, if certain factors play into the choice, such as age and whether or not it’s a first pregnancy.


So we have to ask ourselves this very important question, “Where is the outrage from these “supposedly” WOMEN empowered organizations such as NOW, AMA, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NAACP and all the politicians who have aligned themselves with these organizations on this new information?  Why aren’t we having this conversation,  especially since some of these same organizations and politicians are working hard fighting against legislation such as “A Woman’s Right to Choose”, which does NOT take away their right to abort.  It only holds these organizations accountable to giving them this information, so that the woman is aware of what she WILL experience after the abortion.  Instead these ridiculous entities are outraged by the de-funding of Planned Parenthood as if abortion is good Healthcare.  Enough already, stop the madness!  Good Healthcare is providing facts, truth and the research that has been brought forth, NOT fighting endless hours trying to deny women this information.  As a Mother, I am outraged that our daughters are NOT being protected by these self- indulged politicians that have sold their souls to these entities instead of exposing them.


As a woman, If you are done with the ridiculous and you find yourself wanting to get involved with making a difference in your state by helping us remove these politicians and you are ready to Take Back Your POWER….then contact us today!


Yvonne Florczak-Seeman
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Our Motto…

We are not Republicans nor Democrats, we are Independent thinkers We are not Blacks, Whites nor Hispanics, we are Human Beings We are not Protestants nor Catholics, we are Children of God We are not Rich nor Poor, we are fighters for Social Justice We are not Pro-Life nor Pro-Choice, we are Pro-Woman!


My walk of faith has lead me to an absolute truth, which has given me the courage and strength to share my horrible experience of abortion and really accomplish the impossible. Through this journey I have realized my calling to expose the lies of choice has become a healing journey for others to find self-forgiveness and eternal peace.


Please read the comments women across this nation have made to me, about their abortion experience…

  • I am a bad person, fear of intimacy and fear of worthiness.
  • I am a victim of suffering.
  • Addictive behavior is holding me bound.  Lies about God’s gifts to me, “I’m undeserving”
  • I struggle with Depression.
  • I feel guilt, self-hatred and fear of exposure.
  • The drugs and the alcohol won’t numb the pain of my choice.
  • I feel shame.
  • Have I done enough for complete forgiveness?
  • My motherhood is still very difficult for me, I don’t feel worth of them.
  • I struggle with believing the “child” forgives me and understands why I did this.
  • Release me Lord, from addictions. Remind me to keep my eyes on you throughout my entire day, and to turn to you in times of great temptation with total abandonment.
  • I can never let the guilt of abortion go.
  • I don’t deserve to be loved or valued.
  • I am worthless instead of unworthy.
  • Impossible to hope again in life and dreams.
  • I will never be whole.
  • The lie that the fetus was not a life with any meaning, that life continues with no regret for past, and that material things can make a person happy.
  • No one can love me cause, I’m not worth of it.
  • I can’t love my baby and be close to him.
  • God, my loving Father, help heal my broken mind and grant me total belief in your mercy.
  • I want to come completely clean with my daughters.  They don’t know me like I would like them to.
  • My biggest lie is saying “I’m fine” all the time and the pretense of normalcy.  Nothing is normal, nothing is fine.
  • I’m having difficulty accepting forgiveness because I feel I’m guiltier than other women who were younger and more naive at the time of their abortions.  I was older and I knew what I was doing and did it anyway.
  • Feeling scared or feeling that I will not come thru…
  • I won’t be prepared in some way,  not strong enough.
  • No one will like me.  I’m not funny enough and I am to weak.