Governor Rauner don’t kid yourself. HB-40 is about population control!

Governor Rauner don’t kid yourself. HB-40 is about population control!

As a Hispanic female, I voted for you believing that you would be different than all other politicians. However, it’s become very clear that your agenda is to ensure that women who are viewed as less educated or are economically struggling will never be able to contribute a legacy of immigrants through child bearing; Children who can and will add to the fiber of what this country was built on. My mother had 4 children by the age of 20 with no education. She lived in a then great state, (Illinois) which gave her the tools of education to empower her to finish a degree at Roosevelt University.


By signing HB 40, women like my amazing mother will never enjoy the beauty and dignity of motherhood because today you took away the ability for them to have both.


Today you joined a group of elitist who feel they have the right (and for some the duty) to prevent these struggling but beautiful women the very basic right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!


Having traveled into third world countries like the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Mexico for the last 15 years, I am here to tell you that none of the women I have met are fighting so that they no longer can bring children into this world. They are fighting for the resources they need so they can be empowered to become the incredible women and mothers they were created to be!


Governor Rauner, these women are the same women who live in your state. By signing HB 40 you stripped them of their power by removing the joy of motherhood! Shame on you for only being concerned about your political ambition. I applaud Representative Peter Breen for standing up and making it known that he is not Pro-Life, he is not Pro-Choice. He is Pro-Woman!!!


Yvonne Florczak-Seeman
1 (866) Time 2 Speak