Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid

The Gospel According to Yvonne….
“Be Not Afraid”

How does one answer the question of one’s deepest fears? For we are all called to enter this life’s journey understanding that we cannot control, nor see, nor understand the journey before us. For it is in the lack of understanding that we become vulnerable to our fears. We are not called by the Living God to live in fear but rather to delight in His Rest, knowing that at the appropriate time He will reveal to us the mystery of who He is. Only then will we be able to enter into His purpose for our lives, knowing fully that He is and will forever be our sanctuary and our freedom from the fear of the unknown. It is in this place of relief and refuge that we will begin to understand that, ” We were created in His image for this Purpose, to help and love others with a pure and perfect love”. This Agape Love will restore to perfection all of Humanity, which will then solidify that from the beginning was God.

He has always been among us to help us navigate through our life’s journey. However, life can be an unpredictable, challenging, emotional roller coaster at times. It stems from our fears of the unknown. For many of us we set up our lives the way we think is best then we move into those plans very excited and eager to accomplish what we feel is the best for our lives and future. However, we never ever ask ourselves the million-dollar question, “What is my purpose here on earth”? We are all brought up with the same goals, if you will. Go to school, find our spouse, get married, have some children, and of course live happily ever after, right? However, down deep in our heart of hearts we continue to ask ourselves, is this it? Or is there something else? We yearn to understand the mystery of this question, because it requires us to tap into the unknown and allow ourselves to reach above and beyond our expectations.

Our insecurities tell us this is it, there isn’t anything else, yet our minds, bodies and souls believe there is more. We feel guilty for desiring more, for wanting more, and for expecting more.

I feel as a woman, we are all feeling and or agonizing for an awakening, something that will validate our existence and empower us to overcome our biggest fears. I believe we are entering a season of time, that will change how we are viewed by our husbands, our families and friends. As women we have allowed ourselves to be robbed of the beauty and dignity we were created to represent. I remember growing up to a song called, “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar”, it was born from lyrics that came from the deepest part of woman. “Yes, I am strong, but it’s wisdom born of pain, yes, I have paid the price but look at what I’ve gained, if I have to I can do anything, I strong, I am invisible, I am Woman!”

It is Time to Speak out and expose the woman’s movement and their one-sided agenda. As women we can NO longer be silent on this issue, for our daughter’s sake. Freedom of Choice was and is about MANY different options, not just abortion.

Will you stand up today and be counted and be heard? I promise you won’t regret it!

Yvonne Florczak Seeman
Love From Above Inc.